With digital platforms easily accessible, potential talent engage with your brand prior to the application process. Therefore, ensuring your organic house is in order is key to strengthening your employer branding. Having a clear and defined employee value proposition is imperative to attracting talent, engaging employees and building talent pipelines. In the current candidate market, a strong EVP will elevate your brand amidst your competitors.

To build a strong EVP you must consider:

  •  What type of talent you are looking to attract? Understanding who you are as a business will create an authentic employer brand, therefore attracting aligned talent.
  •  What values are important to your current and potential employees?
  •  What are your competitors doing? How will you create your point of difference?
  •  What narrative will communicate your brand message?

Once you've launched your EVP, follow a digital brand strategy to ensure continual engagement in the market. This will assist in building a strong employer branding, ultimately working towards becoming an employer of choice.

Are you ready to relaunch your EVP?