Whether we like it or not, Christmas is a mere 119 days away.  For most of us, that means planning the summer bbq diary and working out if pink gin is still in vogue.

But for hundreds of companies, this looming deadline means they begin ramping up their contractor-casual staff to cater for the increase in seasonal business. 

The industries planning their high volume assessment will be varied, think retail, hospitality, postal services and even Bunnings, they will need one full time employer in every store location who's sole focus is bbqs, surely.

So the objective of most companies will be to create a hiring process that can cater to high volume assessment.  When an organisation begins to bolster its contingent workforce, it opens itself up to increased compliance and liability risks associated with non-permanent employees.   

The most common risks include worker credentialing, worker misclassification, co-employment issues, unemployment claims and workers’ compensation claims. Failure to properly address these risks can result in fines, tax penalties and other consequences that can set your organisation back.  

In this article we outline the reasons for and against engaging a company like PeopleScout to manage your high volume assessment but also some useful approaches if you decide to go it alone.  And yes, pink gin is still in vogue.

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Credit Image Source: https://sweetbcnapartments.com