Personally, I don't mind having to hand across some personal information in exchange for some good content.  What I can't fathom is when I'm asked to climb through multiple hoops to get it or on the flipside how brands do virtually nothing with my information except throw me into a nurture email queue which removes all personal touches.  

I agree with this article that conversational marketing is evolving chatbots to engage a rapid fire chit chat to get to the heart of why I was downloading in the first place.  But more importantly pass on more actions to engage the customer with the sales person. Generally customers assume they can get immediate answers online at the click of their keyboard and in turn don't mind answering some basics.  

Why can't this process be the norm for job seekers, why not set up a chat bot to quickly determine, work preferences - location, flexibility which can easily steer them towards the right fit?  Makes sense right?