Annie, a good friend of mine is in love with AI, loves thinking about its potential and loves talking about it.  She is currently speaking on the subject of how we can help ordinary Australian girls enter the field of STEM and enterprise.  I always reflect on the character in Black Panther, Shuri.  Her character was in charge of developing Wakanda's advanced technology and was immediately smarter and more creative than Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

What is exciting about the reality of the current workforce right now for women is the celebration of how many currently work in the AI and tech space.  Groups like Cisco's Women Rock IT and LinkedIn groups such as Women in TechnologyWomen in Tech or Women in IT are supporting the women either entering the IT workforce or learning about it from university.

Recruiters often talk about the talent shortage in IT and the challenges of meeting a diversity quota for their tech teams.  What is reassuring in my company here at PeopleScout is that we do meet the diversity quota in our Tech development teams, bright females that represent our QA Team Leads, Testing Analysts and Senior Software Developers.   And the impact felt by their presence is huge and rewarding to the rest of our floor.  Take note, companies fare better with more Shuris.