One of my favourite films, The Big Lebowski is about an unemployed slacker.  He was harmless, lovable and it sparked a real life religion Dudeism.  I often wonder what type of upskilling  The Dude could adopt that was both legal and rewarding to get him out of that infamous dressing gown.

In terms of the Australian workforce,  unemployment levels are on the rise and the organisations face the same issues pre COVID19, a skills shortage.  Now is a good time for organisations to take stock, know what skills you in house, upskill staff on the ones you need or forecast needing in future.

With COVID-19, it is unlikely recruiters will be able to access overseas talent pipelines to fill those in demand roles, either in the coming weeks or until a travel ban is lifted to Australia.

So if you know exactly what skills you have at your access and are able to draw from those to strengthen your workforce, it's kind of like getting a rug that really ties the room together.