PWC released an exemplary report on the future of the Australian economy during COVID19.  They recognised the obvious improvements, "Targeted, smarter regulation and workplace reform, enabling industry to upskill the labour force, digitising operating models and improving our supply chains can drive productivity and economic growth for Australia in the post-COVID-19 world."

There is a much greater need now for the workforce to focus on automation, education and the prosperity of human workers.  

Responding to economic trends caused by COVID19 can be daunting for those under pressure to fill positions and manage talent when business picks up. However, knowing how to find candidates in unknown and far-flung locations, and navigating the process of recruiting from a broad range of age groups may seem overwhelming to even the best-equipped team of talent professionals. 

This is precisely why leveraging the expertise and resources of a talent acquisition partner can be the deciding factor for success in a complex and rapidly changing economic environment.